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Is the money you spend on advertising campaigns effectively improving your marketing ROI? Bring all your customer journey data together from multiple platforms and use AI-based, multi-channel attribution models to optimize your media spends.

Improve Marketing ROI with Senaryo


Key Features

Senaryo helps e-commerce marketers and brand managers to:

Optimize campaigns

with multi-channel views and Machine Learning models addressing full customer journeys.

Plan new campaigns

with multiple what-if scenarios.

Deploy budgets

with accurate, data-driven customer behavior predictions.

Fine tune media spends

with real-time data.

Why Senaryo

Use AI to eliminate traditional marketing optimization limitations

Traditional struggles:

Benefits with Senaryo:

Low marketing ROI

Improved marketing ROI

Thanks to improvement recommendations, multi-channel strategy simulations, and clear visibility into current performance.

Decision making with poorly defined financial risks

Accurate, data-driven decision outcome predictions

Leveraging clear data on which marketing channels are actually driving conversions and sales.

Conflicts of interest with third-party advisors

Reliable, single source of truth

From a team focused purely on your business interests with no media or agency relationships.

Solutions not fully adequate for e-commerce

Tool built to handle multi-channel customer journeys by
e-commerce experts

With 10+ years of success in artificial intelligence and online storefront solution development.

Unintegrated, separate advertising platforms

Holistic view of MROI with all platforms integrated in one simple tool

Providing quick and easily understandable insights for anyone in your business.

How it Works

Better e-commerce marketing ROI with AI-driven attribution modeling that:

Brings together
all your data
from various sources.

Best fits your business goals based on analysis of your customers’ journeys.

Provides a financial perspective by adding cost data and conversion values for each marketing channel.

Iteratively optimizes models covering marketing spend at multiple levels.

Automates the discovery process for the Machine Learning model that optimizes your ROI.

Powers all your e-commerce marketing from a single source.

AI-Powered Marketing Analysis

Make an impact with AI-driven recommendations and raise your marketing ROI

  • All campaigns in one platform with up-to-date visibility of their performance
  • Full visibility of customer journey with Data-driven multi-channel attribution
  • Automated data quality validation based on Machine Learning

AI-based multi-channel attribution models can bring up to
100% higher ROAS than traditional models.

Senaryo uses APIs and direct database connections to access all the external platforms and internal sources that you need to build the full picture of your e-commerce marketing.

You know your per-channel spend, but do you know how your channel mix is influencing your incremental sales?

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